Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Building Big Data Applications with Google's Cloud Platform

Over the years, Google has developed a number of technologies to process the massive amounts of data generated by its web scale applications. Google has opened up many of these technologies to developers, allowing them to build their own applications using our infrastucture.

In this talk, we will demonstrate how you can use Google's Cloud Platform to analyse terabytes of data in seconds using Google's BigQuery, collect data at web scale using the Datastore (Google App Engine's NoSQL data backend), and store large static files in Google Cloud Storage. We will also take a look at how to put all of these pieces together to create an end-to-end Big Data application using the App Engine Pipeline API and MapReduce library for App Engine.

The talk will be given by Michael Manoochehri, a Google engineer supporting developers who work with Google's Cloud and Data platforms.

The meetup will be on October 4th at 6:15pm in Campus London (http://www.campuslondon.com).

See http://bigdataapps.eventbrite.com/ for more info and registration.


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